Link Conveyancing offers a full range of conveyancing services and can assist you with any transaction in Victoria.






Link Conveyancing can represent you for any purchase transaction in Victoria. Our experienced staff have expert knowledge in a range of transactions including:

  • Residential Homes and Units
  • Vacant Land
  • Off the Plan
  • Commercial Property
  • Separate Car Park spaces


How We Assist You With Your Purchase

  • We offer contract advice on request prior to signing, and alert you to any “buyer beware” dangers.
  • We then prepare the Transfer of Land and any documents that can reduce your Stamp Duty where applicable. E.g. Principal Place of Residence Concession, First Home Owners Grant and Pensioner Exemption/Concession.
  • On your instructions, we can lodge a caveat to protect your interest under the Contract of Sale, between the date you sign the Contract and the date a transfer into your name is registered at the Titles Office. Without such an endorsement, there can be a dispute between you and subsequent interested parties (such as a 2nd purchaser) as to who is entitled to the land.
  • We aid your broker or banker by providing all legal documents required to obtain finance approval.
  • We will request finance extensions, if necessary, should you experience any bank delay with unconditional finance approvals required by a set date.
  • Should your bank not grant you unconditional approval of finance, we also help you to withdraw from the Contract.
  • We order all required certificates (State Revenue Office, Council and Water Rates) so that we may provide a Statement of Adjustments required for settlement.
  • We arrange a settlement time suitable with both your bank and the vendor’s conveyancer/solicitor.
  • We inform you of any remaining funds that are required in order for settlement to occur (shortfall amount).
  • We notify the vendor’s Real Estate Agent of the date of settlement.
  • We inform the relevant water, council and any Owners Corporation bodies, if relevant, of your new ownership of the property.





Link Conveyancing provides a thorough and prompt property sales service for any property in Victoria. Our staff has expert knowledge in:

  • Auction or Private Sale Contracts
  • Early Release of Deposit
  • On-Sale/Re-sales


How We Assist You With Your Sale

  • We receive instructions and information from you relating to the property to enable us to prepare the Section 32/Vendor’s Statement.
  • We order all required certificates for the Section 32/Vendor’s Statement. E.g. Title search, Roads Certificate, Property Report, Water Information Statement, Owners Corporation Certificate if applicable.
  • We prepare the Contract and tailor it to your Auction or Private Sale needs.
  • We guarantee that your Real Estate Agent receives the contracts as soon as possible.
  • We prepare the Section 27 Deposit Release Statement and liaise with your Real Estate Agent to ensure that the full deposit is paid and released within 28 days of the provision of the Section 27 to the Purchaser’s Conveyancer/Solicitor; provided that there is no objection.
  • We communicate directly with the Purchaser’s Conveyancer/Solicitor should there be any finance clause and ensure early release of the deposit, where possible.
  • We contact your Bank and prepare the Discharge of Mortgage so that you may discharge your Title to provide clear title to the purchaser.
  • We assist with the removal of any Caveats on the property, if applicable.
  • We arrange a settlement time suitable with both your bank and the purchaser’s conveyancer/solicitor.
  • We obtain a payout figure from your bank.
  • We notify the Real Estate Agent once settlement is complete.
  • We inform the relevant water, council and any Owners Corporation bodies, if relevant, of the change of ownership.




Transfers (Change of Ownership)

If you require the Title to be in an alternative name, Link Conveyancing can also assist you with the change and will arrange any concessions in Stamp Duty, if applicable.

The following are examples of various circumstances whereby you may require a Transfer and how Link Conveyancing can assist you:

  • A spouse or partner may be added to the title (Love & Affection)
  • A change of ownership between family members (Gift)
  • Refinancing: A change of ownership may be necessary in order to secure finance approval.
  • Changing the name of the Title from your Company name to your own name or vice versa.
  • The removal of a friend, partner or spouse from a Title.
  • Deceased Estates (Executors or beneficiaries)


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list; each and every circumstance is unique to the individual.  Our aim is to provide you with the best result in relation to your individual transaction.





Other Property Services

Sometimes the mainstream property transactions require particular expertise unique to each transaction. Link Conveyancing can assist you with the following:

  • Obtaining Title Insurance
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Refinances
  • Lodging Caveats
  • Registration of Owners Corporation
  • Registration of Plans of Subdivision
  • Old Law Purchases & Conversions